Published April 27, 2016 • Buy for $2.99

Quitting Carbon

How Denmark Is Leading the Clean Energy Transition and Winning the Race to the Low-Carbon Future

In December 2015, at COP21, in Paris, nearly 200 nations agreed to work together to reduce planet-warming pollution and, over the course of the century, decarbonize the global economy. In Denmark, the transition from fossil fuels started decades ago. The country boasts the world's most aggressive clean energy targets. By 2020, half the country's power will come from wind turbines; by 2050, Denmark aims to be fossil fuel-free. In this book, you'll meet the Danish policymakers, companies, and entrepreneurs working to build the next economy, the economy for a carbon-constrained world. As nations around the globe race to meet their own clean energy targets and carbon-reduction goals, Denmark’s story is an example for countries to follow in the post-Paris world. Author Justin Gerdes reported from Denmark for the Copenhagen-based think tank and publishing house Mandag Morgen (Monday Morning) from late 2008 until the end of 2009, and since that time has annually returned to Denmark on reporting trips.